Follow the Procedure

Get Adjustment Programs for Free!!!

We had Launched this Scheme for those who can't afford purchasing Adjustment Programs, but if they will do some simple tasks they can simply Earn & Download It.

Just Follow the Easy Steps as Given Below:

  1. Scroll Down the Page & Checkout the Adjustment Programs & Service Tools Available for Download
  2. Click & Open the Link…
  3. This Link is Linked with Advertisement Portals & Some Paid Surveys!
  4. Follow up the Links (Max. 6 Links)
  5. After then you will be Provided a Direct Link to Download
  6. Extract it -> Use It -> Enjoy Using Adjustment Program
  • Follow All the Steps Fairly!
  • If Any of Step is Missing then you will not be able to Download Adjustment Program
  • Everyday 1 Adjustment Program will be Added to this page for Free Download
  • All the Best & Have a Fair Play…

List of Adjustment Programs Available for Downloads!

Epson L380, L383, L385, L485 Adjustment Program

Canon Service Tool Stv4905 (For G1000, G2000, G3000)

Epson L200 Adjustment Program

Epson PM245 Adjustment Program

Epson M200 Adjustment Program