Canon Service Tool for G1000, G2000, G3000, G4000, MX/IG Printer [1 PC / UNLIMITED RESET] →

You can solve the messages Errors “Waste Ink Tank Full” or “Waste Ink Pad Full”, “Error 5B00” or “Error P07” on These Printers & Also if your Printer’s Orange Light Blinking 7 Times.

How to use the Service Tool V4905 ?

  1. Download and Install the Service Tool Canon V4905
  2. Enter in Service mode with the printer:
    1. Power off the printer
    2. Connect the printer to the central unit with an usb cable
    3. Hold on the “Resume” button (triangle in a circle) et press “Power
    4. Hold on these two buttons until the led power lights.
    5. Release the “Resume” button, but not the power button, and press 5 times “Resume“.
    6. Release the two buttons. Green Led (In Front of Power Button) will flash, wait until it stills. Now you are in Service Mode. (If Orange Led Stills (In Front of Stop/Reset Button) Means Service Mode is Locked)
  3. Now Go to Devices & Printers (Make Sure Your G-Series Printer goes Offline & A New Device will Appear in Bottom
  4. After Everything Done – Run the Service Tool V4905 (Make Sure Every Button in Service Mode is Enabled)
  5. Print Eeprom Status before Reset Process – Under “Main” Section -> Click “EEPROM” -> Click “OK” -> Wait for Process to Complete -> On Successful EEPROM Printed -> Click “OK”
  6. Under Section “Clear Ink Counter” -> Click on Dropdown (Under Label “Absorber“) -> Select “Main” -> Click “Set” Button -> LED Power will flash -> If LED Printer Stops -> Reset Process Successful -> Click “OK”
  7. Repeat Step “5” Again.
  8. To Check the Counter by Using Program
    1. Click “Pro” in the Above Tab
    2. Under Section “Data Save” -> Click “EEPROM Save”
    3. Check Line “2”
    4. D = 000.0 (Before Reset it’s 100.0)
  9. Hopefully You had Followed all the Steps Correctly
  10. You had Now Successfully Reset the Printer & It’s Now in Working State

Note : *Following All Steps & Then also Locking Service Mode (ResetPoint OR Any Person) is not Responsible for Any Kind of Damage Caused.


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