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Reset Epson L380 Printer by Adjustment Program → BUY NOW

This reset is only for errors relating to the waste ink pads, it will not fix other errors such as General Error, Paper Jam, Ink cartridge Levels, Ink Cartridges not recognized.

Reset Epson L380 Inside all EPSON printers are foam pads which catch and soak up any ‘waste’ ink that is pumped from the ink cartridges during prints or head cleans. The printer has a counter that records ink usage and estimates when these pads will be full. At this point the printer shuts down and enters its ‘service mode’.

Epson L380 Adjustment Program enables to perform maintenance and adjustment functions such as:

  1. Reset Waste Ink Pad Counter
  2. EEPROM Initial Setting
  3. Initial Ink Charge
  4. Head ID Setting
  5. Top Margin Adjustment
  6. Bi-D Adjustment
  7. USB ID Input
  8. Cleaning the Print Head

How to Reset Epson L380 Using Adjustment Program:

  1. Purchase & Download Key & Service Program from (www.resetpoint.co.in)
  2. Open AdjProg.exe
  3. Click on Select to Select the Desired Model in the Given Service Program
  4. Click OK
  5. Now Click on Particular Adjustment Mode
  6. Select Waste Ink Pad Counter & Click OK
  7. Now Check the Box in front of Main Pad Counter
  8. Click on Check
  9. After you Get the Values(%) of Counter
  10. Again Check the Box in front of Main Pad Counter
  11. Click on Initialization
  12. Wait for Sometime & Now Turn the Printer Off
  13. Close the Adjustment Program of Epson L380
  14. Turn the Printer ON
  15. Now, Your Problem of “2 Lights Blinking is Solved”
  16. Enjoy Printing, Don’t forgot to Review Us, if it worked for you!
  17. Watch the Video for Better Consideration – Click Here

2 reviews for Epson L380 Adjustment Program

  1. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Worked So Well. Loved It,

    100% Genuine, Worth It.

    Thanks ResetPoint

  2. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    This Epson Adjustment Program worked with my printer. I had searched a lot before landing here and I am glad I bought this. Unlike others, resetpoint does not loot customers with one time reset charges. This resetter has saved me money and headache and I am in full control of my printer now. I can reset it any number of times and won’t have to worry about head cleanings anymore. Thank you resetpoint 🙂

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